Websites & MedNet

The Dean’s Office Communications Team is responsible for and oversees the Faculty of Medicine’s (FoM) web communications. There are two types of websites used for web communications in the FoM: internal and external.


For content and collaboration that relates internally to groups in the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty’s intranet site, MedNet is used. Intranet team sites are used to support internal collaboration, processes and policies. This service is available to staff, faculty and researchers affiliated with the FoM. MedNet is hosted on SharePoint 2010. To request a team site, complete the new team site request form.


For content that will promote, inform and engage people outside the Faculty of Medicine, a website is used. Typical audiences of external websites for Faculty of Medicine units are prospective students and faculty, potential donors and the media. The Dean’s Office Communications Team is responsible for the Faculty’s web presence. All websites use a UBC Common Look & Feel and are use the UBC CTLT hosted WordPress content management system. For more information, visit the Digital & Web Communication Section of MedNet. To request a new site for a Faculty of Medicine unit, complete the new site request form.