Shared Network Drives

You should have access to shared network drives when you join the Faculty of Medicine. Shared network drives enable an organization’s documents to be stored and accessed centrally, and reduce the need to manage or email duplicate copies.

While SharePoint (MedNet team sites) provides an online platform to collaborate and share documents with your colleagues, you can also save documents from your computer to shared network drives. Shared drives also provide an extra level of information security; if you lose access to your Faculty of Medicine (FoM) computer, you can retrieve your files from the shared drive on any FoM computer. Documents on shared drives are also backed up twice-daily, enabling easy retrieval if you accidentally delete documents or folders.

How to access drives:

After determining which drives you should have access to, you can contact the MedIT Service Desk (1.877.266.0666) to have them added to your computer.


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