As information workers, we are legally responsible for keeping our information safe.

As of Wednesday, October 23, 2013, your Campus-Wide Login (CWL) password will expire once a year. Information about your CWL and the new CWL Password Policy can be found on the UBC IT CWL FAQ page.

Your Faculty of Medicine (FoM) password expires every year to maintain the security of your account and confidentiality of data stored on faculty computers and servers. You will be notified by email or prompted by your Faculty of Medicine computer when your password is nearing expiration.

Password-Reset Tool

You can sign up for a Password-Reset Tool to manage your Faculty of Medicine password renewal. Consult our Password-Reset Instructions to get started. If you forget your password or it expires and you have not signed up for the Password-Reset Tool, call the MedIT Service Desk (1.877.266.0666) to reset it.

Security Requirements

Faculty of Medicine password security requirements are as follows.

Passwords must:

  • Be at least eight characters long
  • Not contain your username
  • Contain at least:
    • One uppercase letter;
    • One lowercase letter; and
    • One symbol or number.

Incorporating upper and lower case letters, symbols, and numbers increases your password security.