Etiquette Guide

When using VC Anywhere, please follow these guidelines to increase the chances that you and other meeting participants will have an optimal experience.

  • Use a wired internet connection when possible (wireless can be unreliable and may result in poor audio and video quality)
  • Use a laptop or desktop computer when possible for a more stable experience and larger screen to view presentation content
  • Sit within camera view
  • Use a headset with microphone for optimal audio quality and to avoid feedback loops
  • Mute microphone when not in use
  • Limit the number of open applications to save computer system resources
  • If you have an inconsistent connection that is causing your image/audio to freeze or drop repeatedly, join via audio only to avoid distracting other participants
  • Use the “raise hand” feature before speaking, or use the chat feature to ask a question
  • Refrain from multitasking
  • Close email and any instant messaging applications if you are using the presentation mode