Campus-Wide Login (CWL) Account

When you join the Faculty of Medicine at UBC, you will be assigned a Campus-Wide Login (CWL) account. Campus-Wide Login (CWL) is UBC’s single sign-on authentication system and your university-wide account. It is designed to give you access to many of UBC’s online applications, such as UBC’s wireless network and the HR self-service portal, with the same username and password.

CWL passwords need to be changed once a year. You will be asked to update your password on the date of your last password change.

Faculty of Medicine Account

The Faculty of Medicine (FoM) login is your department-wide login, which gives you access to your Faculty of Medicine desktop or laptop, MedNet team sites, and other password-protected faculty services.

If you have not been assigned a FoM login and password on your arrival, you may contact the MedIT Service Desk to request one.

See the passwords page for more information about setting and changing your Faculty of Medicine account password.