Protecting Personal Information at UBC

Personal Information (PI) is recorded information about an identifiable individual, with the exception of the names and business contact information of employees, volunteers and service providers (learn more: What is Personal Information?). The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) requires all public bodies in British Columbia to make “reasonable security arrangements” to protect PI in their custody or under their control. Many Faculty of Medicine faculty and staff members deal with PI on a daily basis; it is our responsibility to keep this information safe by ensuring that we follow information security best practices.

PI Security Quick Tips

  • Use a strong password or passphrase (Why are Passwords So Important?)
  • Download the minimum PI required, share the minimum amount required, and only retain it for as long as required
  • Use secure storage and sharing methods like shared network drives or Workspace 2.0
  • Set your device to automatically lock after no more than 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Always securely remove PI before transferring, selling or discarding a device

PI Security Promotion

Want to promote the protection of PI in your unit? Here are two posters that you can print and display for other staff and faculty:

Have more questions about Information Security Standards? Visit the Office of the CIO’s Security Standards site.

Report information security breaches to or by phone in the lower mainland to the UBC IT Service Centre at 604.822.6141.