The FOM has always used diverse, largely manual processes to capture teaching information and determine payment eligibility. There is little visibility and traceability into teaching activities and payments. Our current processes and tools do not meet our needs, will not support our growth, and are not sustainable.

Business processes will change for staff who support teaching tracking and payment authorization for clinical faculty. A new system will be introduced to support these processes and maintain accurate, centralized records.

Clear processes and a transparent system will allow us to provide clinical faculty with:

  • Access to a quarterly statement of teaching activities;
  • Better methods to store their personal information & use it consistently; and
  • Assurance that their information is being handled using best practices for security.

  • Education program staff and managers in the MD Undergraduate Program (MDUP), who will be trained on revised business processes and the new system for teaching tracking. An individual responsible for business support has been identified in order to provide ongoing training and support.
  • MedFinance and regional representatives, who will be involved in determining revised business processes for payment authorization.
  • Clinical faculty, who will have the opportunity to validate or correct their teaching statements prior to payment.

Yes, all programs and departments associated with the MDUP are required to use TTPS for clinical faculty teaching tracking.

At this point in time, the we will only track clinical faculty activities. The FOM aims to start with a small and robust system, which has the capacity to be matured and expanded in the future.

All MDUP teaching delivered by clinical faculty members will be tracked through TTPS. Therefore, any clinical faculty members from the health professions who teach in the MDUP will be processed through TTPS for those teaching hours. Those clinical faculty will be asked to provide updated personal and payment information to have a profile added in the system. If eligible for payment, regional payments systems will issue payment according to TTPS records.

The FOM is committed to supporting you, and has created a single-point-of-contact, the Business Support Analyst, for questions and assistance. The Business Working Team members will also be available to provide coaching and support during training. Managers will be equipped to support you through the transition.

Any piece of information that is captured in the system can be searched and reported on. TTPS will allow the FOM to create complex reports that will try to meet department and regional program needs. Departments and regions can work with business support to create and modify these reports.

The project team is in the process of determining how information will sync with HRMS and FMS. Their goal is to ensure that program staff only have to update clinical faculty information in one location.

TTPS is an in-phase system, which means it cannot handle retroactive entries (activity tracks) or adjustments. Retroactive adjustments will happen through a manual process outside of the system.

The TTP project team is working with the Curriculum Renewal project team and MDUP staff to create the initial map of courses and activities in TTPS for Year 1. The TTP and Curriculum Renewal project teams are also working together to align communications to clinical faculty members.

The first launch of TTP was in April, 2016,and the second launch was in July, 2016. All departments and regional programs are now tracking MD Undergraduate teaching delivered by clinical faculty through TTPS.

The TTP process and TTPS will require a governance group to make decisions that will ensure its ongoing success. This group will be comprised of a variety of representatives from the MDUP and FOM.